Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Friday, December 14, 2007


*******In a vision Christmas Eve,'06; there was an angel bowing down before our convoy going into Iraq,his arms outstretched towards our convoy & he was crying so hard his face was all wrinkled , This vision was unlike the rest (in black & white) also surrounded by a bright white Light...great harsh significance....I woke up crying it was so sad, every time I tried to tell the vision that day, I would cry. So I had need to ask God what did the vision mean.
Words came up very strong ,loud...STOP, GO BACK, YOU'VE ALREADY GONE TOO FAR. Then God played a vision Through my spirit that I received back around 1995....where Thousands of people were running on fire , skin falling off, God spoke ,"Nuclear"
The message is that we will meet up either in nuclear war or worse then that nuclear holocaust.
God is saying , not to stay there, to protect our own nation.The war leads to armageddon. There is no positive here.
*******June '07 I had a night vision also in black & white. New Orleans was under water. It was as an ocean, millions of waves, on each wave was all the rubble from the destruction of the homes & bldgs. then as I stood looking around , I also saw the entire gulf was under water.(The Lord said,No;THat is where they ran ,carrying with them their wicked abominations,They quickly forgot about Me says the Lord.
God said, this wicked people reject Me, and carry on in their own filthy wickedness ,loving darkness more then light.I brought them Through & out, and they carried all their wicked abominations with them, they will not repent and for this , I will do a very great shaking, says the Lord.
*******Aug. '07 as I prayed, God spoke to me saying,3 major earth quakes, and I saw what He had previously spoke of , how the ground would open & swallow thousands.He said there will be floods, fire ,that He will point His finger & fire will go across the earth,consuming the wicked ,unbeleivers , who defile His Holy Name.He let me see large hail, which I then also saw in a night vision...a frog was coming out of the hail...God said , that is judgment.
As I prayed He said, they have canisters w. bombs ,nuclear,and other kinds, also containing diseases, and there will be diseases that will over take many , mysterious, they will fall dead everywhere.(jer.25:30-33)
God gave me a word of confirmation of the words he has been speaking to me, from another prophet , he wants me to read all of joel 2. This person does not know me or the Words God has spoken to me.
*******During prayer, God said,these canisters will be hidden everywhere , un detected by anyone, same as in a previous spoken word, God said, they will go off simultaniously, and we will not be able to keep up with the disasters everywhere.
God is repeating previous spoken words, which speaks into my spirit it is very close now, since they are urgent in nature, and He is angry.
*******God keeps showing to me all these tunnels under ground ,He says nobody even knows they are there.Everywhere throughout our nation.which He reminds me of a word He spoke to me back in 1997 ,the pestilences ( terrorists) were here in our nation , everywhere , setting up their evil deeds back then...He said, nobody knows who they are or where they are.
Thus saith the Lord , I will shake the heavens & the earth, for they deny I am God & defile My Holy Name, they are filled with wicked abominations.
*******Our water & food supply will be attacked, He is speaking to me, that we get things to sustain us through this and enough to help others. He said,water, unperishable foods,a grill,first aid kits,instant drinks, and animal foods. He said , that time is not right now, but will be very soon coming.
many unexplained diseases.
*******He let me see millions of humans are right now being sold into slavery young & old alike. He said, they have no resepct for life whatsoever.
Children ( oh so many makes me cry to see) being held captive everywhere,tortured & tormented & children forced to have sex & giving birth to babies also. For this cause will I do a great shaking of the heavens & earth as never before , and this is not the end.
I was so sad, He said we will see many of these children found & rescued & running , escaping soon.I will do this saith the Lord.
*******Soon, there will be car bombs in our nation, war on usa soil is closer now, then anyone can begin to imagine. (The vision I saw , we appear just as Iraq)
They are right in this nation right now says the lord , in high positions, mostly what He is saying, Drs, who will kill our people.Mysterious deaths.
*******I see the entire united states of america shattered & war torn, His hand is against our nation.
He is grieved how we, being the nation called by His name,have bowed to another god(satan)doing away with Public prayer, the 10 commandments,can't mention Jesus, want to do away witht the Word God,allowing the wicked abomination of Sodom which He forbids, and He says Rom.1:32 she will be punished with them.He says, murdering unborn babies by the millions in the womb, His heritage
Denying Me , defiling My Holy Name,loving darkness hating the light. I have spoken says the Lord.
***Sound a trumpet , sound an alarm says the Lord, warn them.For surely my wrath will not delay or will My Word come back unto Me void.
*******Another vision , during prayer, a very long bridge went down , it was loaded with automobiles. Then God gave me a night vision...I was walking across a red wood bridge in massachussets,( a long bridge)they say there is no long bridge in Mass.The water was so peaceful, not a movement on the water at all. Beautiful skyline, I was admiring it , and loving how peaceful this was. The next morning on the news was that same skyline , only it was NYC. These 2 cities face destruction, and pestilence are all among them, the peaceful waters meant , they walk peaceful right now, they deny all the warnings, and commit all the abominations, The Lords had is against them.
*******Cities deciding on whether or not to allow men & men to marry , women & women to marry, I tell you says the Lord, I will not allow this, I will pour out My wrath over ALL NATIONS.
Joan, typed Aug.25th '07
as directed to do by God.He said,
now is the time, send the words & visions.